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How Is The Site Car Washing Machine Qualified
- 2020-07-10-

How to pass the civil engineering of car washing machine? Many friends who need to buy car washing machines often use Baidu to do the civil work of car washing machines before buying them,

Civil engineering is a very necessary part of most car washing machines. The quality of civil engineering has a great influence on car washing machine. The unqualified civil engineering affects the washing effect of car washing machine, and the service life of car washing machine is also very important.

Although there are many car washer manufacturers, the civil engineering part is basically similar. Civil engineering mainly includes bearing wall, return ditch, sedimentation tank, embedded parts and so on.

According to the different car washing machines selected, we will introduce the conventional civil engineering practice of car washing machines on site.

Double layer alkali free car washing machine

A lot of people think that car washing machines can use no foundation. This understanding is not comprehensive. The basic knowledge here does not need to be a load-bearing wall device. However, the reuse water also needs to be used as return ditch and sedimentation tank. The washing water from the car washing machine is very convenient to return to the sedimentation tank, and then return to the clear water tank for car washing after three-stage sedimentation. If the car washing machine uses pipe network water supply or water tank water supply, and does not consider the circulating water, this is indeed the simplest equipment, which can be used normally after the ground buy back.

Simple car washing machine

The civil engineering of simple car washing machine can be said to be the simplest civil engineering. There is no load-bearing wall. The car washing machine only needs to put two washing pipes at the car exit. Due to the need for circulating water, return ditch and sedimentation tank are still indispensable parts.

Flat car washing machine

The civil engineering of flat car washing machine is quite complicated. The so-called flat type is to put the equipment on the ground, and the equipment surface must be consistent with the ground. How to keep the equipment surface consistent with the plane needs the civil construction personnel to do. Usually the manufacturer will give the drawings to the buyer, and the load-bearing wall is often 10-11cm lower than the ground, which is actually the height. It is the thickness of the car washing machine equipment of the manufacturer. Because the equipment of each manufacturer is different, this will be different. In order to meet the circulating water consumption of the equipment, return ditch and sedimentation tank should be set.

Gantry car washing machine

The civil engineering of gantry car washing machine is similar to that of flat car washing machine. As the door car washing machine needs a frame, it is necessary to make an embedded part on the ground and connect the frame parts with screws or welding. The rest of return ditch and sedimentation tank are the same as plate car washing machine.


Bearing wall problem: it must be ensured that each load-bearing wall is in a plane. If it is not an aircraft, the equipment will shake after the vehicle rises, resulting in loose connection of equipment, water leakage and more serious equipment damage. The best way is to carry out secondary grouting of the soil after the installation of the equipment. If it is used in the plant area and the traffic flow is too large, it is better to reinforce the foundation.

Return ditch: considering that the washed water can return to the sedimentation tank rapidly and massively, 2% slope should be reserved when making the return ditch.

Sedimentation tank: according to the pump flow and site conditions, the sedimentation tank shall be set reasonably. If the sedimentation tank is too large, it must be reinforced and waterproof at the bottom and side to prevent water leakage.

Embedded parts: basically, only gantry car washing machines need embedded parts.

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