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How To Choose The Right Car Washer For Construction Site
- 2020-07-08-

Site car washing machine is a set of energy-saving, environmental protection, circulating water resources in one of the automatic car washing equipment.

At present, the common dust-proof measures in construction site are sprinkling water, covering with woven cloth or using dust reducing agent, so as to achieve the purpose of dust reduction through surface spraying. Manual sprinkling operation has high labor cost, slow car washing speed and large random cleaning. A lot of valuable water resources are wasted by simple cleaning device or vehicle cleaning pool without sewage recovery device. There are many vehicles and the cleaning effect is poor. Therefore, it is necessary to spray water at the gate of the construction site to reduce dust and clean the street, which can not control the dust pollution of urban road and dye pollution of urban living environment.

In order to clean the tires of mining engineering vehicles efficiently, Jingfeng standardization company has customized the automatic tire cleaning machine, which uses automatic tire cleaning device instead of manual cleaning, and controls the strong cleaning operation through automatic induction vehicle and automatic program. The efficient cleaning of transportation vehicle intelligent cleaning machine not only saves economic cost, but also saves water resources and manpower. It can automatically complete cleaning and sludge discharge, which is a great progress in cleaning technology industry. It can control pollution from the source, achieve the purpose of reducing road dust, and bring a series of social and environmental benefits. It is the most simple and effective measure to control dust pollution source by using tire cleaning machine products, which is also widely used in foreign countries.

Working principle: on site car washing machine, on-site car washing platform and engineering vehicle automatic car washing machine are divided into automatic operation mode and manual operation mode.

Standby mode: set the 3P circuit breaker in the control box of car washing machine at the construction site to on position, the working indicator light will be on, and the system will start to enter the standby mode.

Cleaning operation: the vehicle slowly passes through the washing machine chassis at a speed of 3km / h, and the infrared sensor senses that the water pump at the rear of the vehicle is started. The working water cleans the front, rear, left, right and bottom of the car body in multiple directions through the nozzles of the nozzles on both sides and the spray holes of the chassis. About 40 seconds (the time can be adjusted from 0 to 60 seconds), the water pump stops automatically and the flushing is finished. The advanced infrared electronic eye automatic sensing vehicle is adopted, and the failure rate is 90% lower than that of ordinary travel switch.

System composition: on site car washing machine, on-site car washing platform and engineering vehicle automatic car washing machine system adopt non-contact technology to carry out omni-directional three-dimensional cleaning of car body, which can realize chassis cleaning and non-contact cleaning on both sides of the vehicle. The system is composed of washing machine chassis, grid plate (iron grate), left and right nozzles (including nozzle), control box, water pump, etc. Field car washing machine, engineering vehicle automatic car washing machine and on-site automatic car washing platform are especially suitable for all kinds of construction sites, mining workshops, cement products factories, coal mines, power plants, landfill sites, high-grade communities and other places. So as to achieve a good project without dust pollution. The equipment adopts split design, easy to install and transport, and can meet the needs of frequent site transfer. Fool type one key operation, simple and clear.

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