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About The Installation Of Site Car Washing Machine, These Points Need You To Understand
- 2020-07-07-

With good dust control effect, site car washing machine is well-known in all walks of life, especially for the construction industry. As an important cleaning equipment such as dust pollution, site car washing machine has not only been comprehensively improved, but also long-term scientific for enterprises The development of efficiency also plays a decisive role. In order to let everyone have a more in-depth understanding of the construction site car washing machine equipment, the following is a certain answer for you about the installation of site car washing machine:

1. First of all, according to the actual size of the enterprise, choose the appropriate location to install the site car washing equipment. In order to facilitate the vehicle washing, it should be installed near the gate as far as possible. The drainage ditch is connected with the secondary sedimentation tank, and the mud and waste water are discharged according to the regulations. The sedimentation tank needs to be cleaned regularly and connected with the municipal drainage pipe network.

2. Each construction site shall connect the water pipe at the car washing machine on the construction site, and shall be equipped with high-pressure water and other washing equipment with a pressure of not less than 8 MPa, and the length of water connecting pipe shall not be less than 10 meters.

3. What we need to pay attention to is that the construction site car washing machine equipment should be managed by dedicated personnel, and the equipment should be maintained regularly. After each use, simple cleaning should be done to ensure that the next use of the equipment can be carried out orderly

After reading the above solutions, compared with the equipment you use for car washing on the construction site, it mainly carries out automatic washing for the transportation of engineering vehicles, which solves the problem of road pollution caused by construction site vehicles going out. It is suitable for construction sites, garbage disposal sites, quarries, cargo transfer yards and other places that can pollute the roads, so as to prevent the dust pollution caused by the vehicles dropping and leaking.

With the rapid development of the city. The environmental protection situation is becoming more and more serious. A large number of environmental protection equipment companies have sprung up like mushrooms, and the environmental protection industry is becoming increasingly saturated. Only by constantly innovating can environmental protection companies be based on the market. After years of R & D and production, continuous improvement and transformation of site car washing machine, Chengxi environmental protection Co., Ltd. constantly adapts to the market demand. According to the different places used by enterprises, it provides different setting schemes to meet the needs of different places of customers. Taking the production line of construction site as an example, the traffic flow of construction site is small, the D position is light, and the place of change is frequent With the domestic excellent Z square tube steel, in the bearing capacity, it can fully bear the load of construction vehicles. In order to adapt to the trend of artificial intelligence in the market, Cheng Xi environmental protection, after continuous exploration and careful consideration, is equipped with imported sensors to easily realize unattended and automatic washing of vehicles in and out.

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