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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Installing The Site Car Washer
- 2020-07-03-

As a kind of environmental protection equipment which can realize the automatic washing of various engineering vehicles, engineering car washing machine has been widely used in China in recent years With the improvement of environmental protection requirements of relevant departments, engineering car washing machine began to be gradually known by all walks of life. The use of engineering car washing machine can be said to solve the problem of dust pollution caused by vehicles coming and going from construction site to the road, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of enterprises.

According to different applications, engineering car washing machines can be divided into engineering vehicle washing machine and construction site car washing machine. The former mainly uses various cement tank cars, slag trucks, engineering vehicles and other vehicles that are easy to enter the urban environment, while the latter is mainly used in ordinary construction sites to clean various equipment. The former is the cleaning equipment vigorously promoted by the state and must be installed by enterprises.

Engineering car washing machine is now used in many construction sites, garbage yards, quarries, coal yards, etc. at the same time, in order to ensure the smooth cleaning of the engineering car washing machine, we must pay attention to many details. The following is the site car washing machine manufacturer to take you to understand in detail what problems should be paid attention to when installing the engineering car washing machine on the construction site:

1. First of all, we should pay attention to water recycling

The location of car washing machine in construction site installation project should be selected reasonably, and it should be avoided to set in the interior of the contaminated place as far as possible, otherwise secondary pollution may occur, and sedimentation tank should be designed to ensure the recovery of clean water.

It is also because the water of the engineering car washing machine is recycled, so the debris washed down may be recycled back. Therefore, we can add a filter net to the backwater to filter out the debris and avoid flowing back to the reservoir.

In addition, it is also necessary to check and change the water frequently. Before using, check whether there are sundries in the foundation pit of the car washing machine on the construction site, and timely cleaning can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The engineering vehicles are relatively dirty. If the water is dirty after washing the vehicle, it is necessary to change the water.

2. The water pipe is connected to the washing table and equipped with a high-pressure water gun with a pressure of not less than 8 MPa. The length of the water pipe connected to the water gun is not less than 10 meters, which is used as a standby flushing.

3. If the nozzles on both sides are blocked, it is necessary to turn the nozzle anticlockwise and screw it down for reasonable cleaning, and then install the nozzle to the original position after completion. However, it should be emphasized that when screwing down, the force on the hand is not enough to firmly install the parts, so it needs to be tightened with a wrench.

4. Check that the machine is working properly

A: Pump abnormal sound: immediately check the water tank level and software filter to prevent blockage, exchange oil.

B: The water pressure is too low: to adjust the pressure parameters of the valve, check the belt tightness and whether the oil line needs to be replaced and whether reinforcement is needed.

C: Track stop rolling: first of all, we should check and clean whether the nozzle is blocked, so as to avoid damaging the rotation angle regulator

5. It is recommended to spray paint every six months

Due to the long-term work of the engineering car washing machine, it is easy to cause damage to the paint surface, or rust to cause damage to the body quality. Therefore, it is necessary to check the appearance of the engineering car washing machine every half a year. If there is rust, it is necessary to spray paint and maintain it in time. Only in this way can the service life be extended.

6. In addition, attention should be paid to turn off the power switch if the engineering car washer is not used for a long time.

After understanding these details, you must have a deeper understanding and understanding of the installation precautions of the engineering car washing machine. As the main equipment of Chengxi environmental protection, every link of equipment development and production is taken seriously. The engineering car washing machine produced by US adopts non-contact technology to carry out multi-directional and three-dimensional washing of the car body, which can realize washing chassis and car There is no contact washing on both sides of the vehicle. The system consists of cleaning device, load-bearing device and electric control part. The imported infrared induction control is adopted. The 350 degree high-pressure water nozzle designed by Y-type square steel is used for high-pressure washing of the tire and disc parts of the vehicle, which essentially solves the dust pollution problem.

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