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Take You To Know About The Site Car Washing Machine
- 2020-07-02-

First of all, why do on-site car washing opportunities appear? According to the environmental protection requirements of municipal administration, road administration, Construction Committee, Environmental Protection Commission, transportation and other departments for construction vehicles running on the road, various engineering vehicle cleaning equipment are produced. Engineering car washing machine is mainly used for vehicle cleaning in various construction sites, mine workshops, cement products factories, coal mines, power plants, landfill sites, high-grade communities and other places, so as to realize the excellent project of no dust pollution.

The first part is about the different levels of car washing site.

According to the pressure of car washing, the on-site car washing machine can be generally divided into four levels. The scope and environment of different levels are also different. Next, I will take you to know more about the classification of several grades.

At present, there are not many low-voltage construction site car washing machines, and there may be less than one in China. Generally speaking, the low-pressure car washing machine uses the air pipe, which is automatically contracted by the air cylinder.

There are relatively more automatic car washing machines in the medium voltage field, accounting for at least half of the industry. Of course, it is not ruled out that some manufacturers may falsely report the pressure parameters. There are two kinds of high pressure pipes used by medium pressure car washer manufacturers, one is cloth clip steel pipe, the other is rubber steel wire pipe.

High pressure automatic car washing machines account for about one-third of the national market, and the basic use of high-pressure pipe is double cloth steel pipe.

The last is the ultra-high pressure field car washing machine, which accounts for less than one fifth of the national share. The high-pressure pipes of these manufacturers basically adopt double-layer cloth sandwiched steel pipes, and also have a 360 degree rotating high-pressure swing arm. The high-pressure pipe cleans the car through the high-pressure swing arm.

The second part, qualified high-quality engineering car washing machine should have the following characteristics:

1. Professional cleaning of engineering transportation vehicles;

2. Easy to install and operate;

3. It has the functions of sludge discharge and rapid dehydration to solve the pollution problem of urban road construction vehicles;

The equipment is durable after professional antirust treatment;

The equipment can recycle water and save water resources;

6. It can adapt to different workplaces and facilitate transfer;

Computer software control, washing and cleaning can be completed automatically;

8. The water spraying is controlled by subsection photoelectric control mode, which avoids the energy waste, reduces the reservoir and reduces the use cost.

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