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Construction Site Car Washing Machine
- 2020-07-01-

Mention of the construction site, many friends can not help but think of the "gravel truck running all over the ground, loess flying all over the sky" dust scene. But it was in the past. Since the construction site invited a car washing expert - site car washing machine, this dusty scene disappeared, no longer won the title of the world construction industry.

Construction site washing machine is also known as washing machine or washing station. It is made of thickened steel pipe, which is firm and durable. More than 180 high-pressure water columns can be sprayed from different angles and positions to cover the bottom of construction vehicles and tire gaps, so as to realize 360 degree omni-directional cleaning of engineering vehicles without dead corners. The utility model has the advantages of high working efficiency, short cleaning time, less than 1 minute for engineering vehicles, reusable cleaning water, and effective water saving. Easy to transport and install, it can be put into use in 2 hours and adapt to frequent site transfer.

"Experts will know if there is. The car washing machine on the construction site has complete functions and strong practicability. It is widely used for vehicle cleaning in various construction sites, road construction sites, landfill sites, iron and steel plants, power plants, coal mines, coal storage yards, mine workshops, cement products plants, residential areas and other places. It has made outstanding contributions to improve the urban road environment and reduce the construction dust pollution.

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