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Maintenance Of Loaders For Construction Vehicles
- 2020-06-29-

Safety precautions for maintenance of construction vehicle loader of engineering vehicle washing equipment shall put personal safety first at all times. If the accident is due to improper operation or poor safety awareness, then the problem can not be solved by spending money. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out safe maintenance and repair according to the operation process. So what should I pay attention to?

1. General maintenance requirements

Maintenance personnel must receive professional training. During the maintenance and repair of the vehicle, no matter how the personnel are, it is forbidden to enter the working area. If so, don't ask for special protection. If the vehicle is in the maintenance process, before the parts are assembled and disassembled, the operation procedures shall be formulated to understand the assembly or disassembly steps. Do not operate blindly to avoid safety problems caused by improper disassembly and assembly. Use all kinds of tools correctly. Do not use damaged or inferior tools.

If you need to check or remove the fault without stopping, please pull up the handbrake and lock the door. If necessary, the driver's cab can be watched by special personnel. If you want to operate under the vehicle, the start switch and instrument panel must be labeled with no operation label or other warning labels to prevent irrelevant personnel from starting the engine or operating the control lever, which will cause accidents to the maintenance personnel.

When changing oil products, it shall be carried out in the environment without open fire to avoid fire. After disassembly, the parts shall be placed in a safe designated place, and no one is allowed to enter the work area. This can not only prevent the loss of parts, but also ensure the safety of unrelated personnel.

2. Maintenance precautions

1. Cleaning

Before maintenance and repair, clean the machine to prevent dust, sand and other dirt from entering the machine. At the same time, it can also ensure safe maintenance or repair. If the machine is dirty, it's hard to find the problem. During maintenance work, it may be caused by dust splashing into eyes or slipping due to oil pollution of the machine

2. Not working in a closed environment

The exhaust gas from the engine belongs to harmful gas. If too much harmful gas is inhaled in the sealed environment, it may cause harm to human body. Therefore, if you work in an enclosed environment, you need to use exhaust devices to eliminate harmful gases, or open doors and windows for ventilation

3. Working under the machine

If you need to input the bottom of the machine for inspection, you must put the vehicle on solid and flat ground. Remember to enter the uneven ground at the bottom of the machine. In the car entering the bottom, you should lower all the working equipment of the vehicle to the ground, and then use square wood to repair the tire. If you need to leave the ground, you should remember not only to support the barrel, At the same time, there should be a jack on the wheel and the square timber under the tire should be fixed at the same time. Do not stand on the other side of the vehicle. In order to avoid rollover accidents, it is necessary to find a special person to protect it.

4. Roof work

When repairing the roof, make sure the pedals are clean and free of obstacles and oil leakage. Don't jump directly from the roof. When getting on and off the roof, the ladder and handrail on the vehicle shall be used, and protective measures shall be worn if necessary. The top of the tire is smoother, so don't stand up. Be sure to stand firm and hold on to the number. Pay special attention to greasy dirt. Don't step on greasy and smooth soles to cause accidents.

5. Pay attention to the maintenance when the engine is working

Sometimes it is necessary to keep the engine working. At this time, we must attach great importance to it. The driver must be seated in the operating seat, ready to shut down the engine at any time. It is necessary to keep in touch with the engine in a timely manner. If the situation is not right, shut down the machine in time. Please do not touch the exhaust port, muffler and other high temperature parts to avoid scalding. Use extreme care when operating points are close to rotating parts. At the same time, the driver should be very careful not to operate any lever. If you need to operate the control rod, you should first communicate with the maintenance personnel to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel, and then carry out the operation. Do not allow any tool or body to touch the fan blade and fan belt.

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