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Characteristics And Daily Maintenance Of Washing Equipment For Engineering Vehicles
- 2020-06-28-

Characteristics of the equipment

Engineering vehicle flushing equipment with high automatic degree, fast flushing speed, easy installation, circulating water, sediment automatic precipitation in one minute. Automatic sediment removal, automatic water supply, drainage, recyclable water, cost saving, automatic sediment settling agent, can meet different sites, different conditions of rapid installation and use. Firm and durable, long service cycle, convenient transfer at any time. Good safety performance, wide application range, simple transportation, installation, reliable quality.

Standard equipment product size and scope of application

Daily maintenance

1. Before daily use, check the water level in the reservoir and check whether there are floating debris in the reservoir.

2. If part of the nozzle is found to be out of water, it means that the nozzle is blocked, it should be cleaned in time.

3. Check the fastening condition of each connection every week, and fasten it in time if it is loose.

4. When the power is turned on, if the vehicle enters the washing equipment of engineering vehicle and the water is not sprayed automatically, please check whether there is debris blocking induction switch or whether the power line and signal line are worn.

Washing equipment for construction vehicles

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