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How To Choose The Right Home Car Wash
- 2020-03-30-

1. Why buy a car washing machine?
First of all, I'm sure many friends will ask: why not go to the car wash?In my own experience there are three reasons.
1, first of all, the most important thing is to wash the car wash is not careful, I do it in many car wash washing the car card, but each time the car basically like a pro, car cover all finished washing machine and resin, you don't ask don't give you processing, for motorcycles is acting on the process, coma is not.
2, the second if you have time, wash the car, more than a few pieces of cloth, the eyes can see the place and can not see the place to wipe a guess, absolutely better than the car wash room to wash clean.
3, in fact, finally to the car wash room sometimes very time-consuming and laborious, catch up with the rain, to wash a car to more than an hour of line, and you may just wash the car and rain.
For the above reasons, many friends have the idea of buying their own car washing machine.However, for some of the car cleanliness requirements are not high, or do not have time to wash their own car friends, it is another matter.But if you want to buy your own car wash machine, I believe this article will be helpful.
B: what kind do you want?
Want to wash the car ten years ago, you may have to take the rag, carrying a bucket of water, pursed a bottom in the brush, but with the development of the auto market after the industry, now has appeared all kinds of washing machine products, can make you wash the car become more convenient and the effect is better, so how do we choose to choose a washing machine?
Above all the simplest price the cheapest is manual type car washing machine, this kind of car washing machine mostly USES the method that the hand moves inside the container to inflate, benefit to air pressure to eject water again.As a result of the price is cheaper, basic a few yuan at most 100 multivariate can buy, the person that buys is not little also.But this kind of car washing machine in addition to the price is cheap there is no advantage, on the one hand because it is manual, after washing a car will be particularly tired;On the other hand, the pressure of the spray gun is also not large, unable to achieve a better cleaning effect.
In order to be able to achieve electric water spraying, so that their car washing become no longer tired, the car after the market and appeared in the 12V power washing machine, this car washing machine can be connected to the car 12V cigarette lighter socket, so as to achieve electric water spraying.Compared with manual car washing machine, 12V power car washing machine to save a lot of effort, but the disadvantage is to always pull the power cord, cause a certain impact on the movement.In addition, considering the problem of battery power loss, in the use of 12V power when the car washing machine usually has to keep the car.
Aiming at some inconvenient factors of the 12V power washing machine, then wireless washing machine appeared.Wireless car washing machine actually benefits from the development of lithium battery technology, through the use of rechargeable lithium battery, can drive the car washing machine water, and the volume is not large, easy to carry and charge.
The last is the 220V power washing machine, which is the most commonly used car washing machine type.The advantages of the 220V power washing machine are high water pressure, long range, do not worry about washing not clean.However, the disadvantages of convenience is very limited, can only be used in the 220V power supply interface, can not be placed in the luggage compartment with the use.Even if it is installed in the car 220V inverter, but the basic belt on the kilowatt power of the car washing machine.
In the face of various types of home car washing machine, are you picky?In fact, there is no absolute choice which and do not choose which, to combine their actual situation to decide.However manual type and 12V power supply type I do not recommend, because the manual car washing machine washed a car is too tired, and 12V power washing machine, really in the electricity and water pressure has some deficiencies.
If you have a fixed place to wash the car and connected to the 220V power supply is convenient, then choose the 220V home car washing machine is the best choice.But most friends are in the community, or even high floor, the editor most recommended wireless charging car washing machine, do not worry about the problem of electricity, use more convenient.

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