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What should I pay attention to when using the site washing machine in winter?
- 2018-11-23-

The use of the washing machine at the construction site, the temperature of the water has certain requirements, which will depend on the weather, such as not suitable for use in the winter construction site car washing machine. The construction site uses the car washing machine in winter, because the temperature is too low, it will cause the ice pool. After the water in the pool freezes, it can't work, so if the temperature is below zero in the winter, try to avoid using the turbine. Because the water freezes, use it in this case. Will cause certain damage to the car washing machine and nozzles and movements, so avoid using the site washing machine in winter.

Construction car wash car platform , how to install and debug the service frame at the construction site

1, check before installation

1) Check whether the equipment is in good condition, random information and accessories are complete. If problems are found, the manufacturer should be notified in time to find the cause and solve it in time. No problem, but according to the drawings of the equipment assembly.

2) In the equipment assembly, the cross-sectional area of ​​the three-phase AC380 50 hz power incoming cable should be greater than 10

3) Pre-electrical inspection and experiment

The product is installed and commissioned for inspection and testing of the following items.

1) Check that the casing is dry and clean.

2) The operating mechanism of the electrical components is flexible and should not be unsmooth or the operating force is too large.

6. After sales service:

To provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service , solve customer concerns, timely maintenance, quickly solve customer problems, and facilitate timely and customer-solving problems.

1) Can provide 24-hour free machine equipment technical consultation, and daily maintenance plan

2) Free installation and commissioning of this product for one year warranty

3) Responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, regardless of the number of customers should be free of the requirements of the equipment operator training for on-site use.

Site washing turbine has two modes: automatic operation and manual operation.

Standby state: The 3P circuit breaker in the washing machine control box is turned to the ON position, the work indicator light is on, and the system starts to enter the standby state.

Flushing operation: The vehicle slowly passes through the washing machine chassis at a speed of 3km. The infrared sensor senses the water pump after the vehicle starts. The working water flows through the nozzles of the nozzles on both sides and the nozzle hole to the front, back, left, right and bottom of the body. Multi-directional automatic flushing. The pump is automatically stopped for about 40s (time 0-60s adjustable), and the flushing is completed. With Omron, the vehicle is automatically inductive, which is 90% lower than the normal trip switch failure rate.

1. The remaining equipment can be used in the car, the business combination vehicle is in the entire body, such as the car chassis, the two sides of the car, the tire part of the soil, dust and other automatic cleaning thoroughly and quickly.

2. Infrared sensing is automatically turned on or manually turned on, the choice of diversity, flexibility and convenience.

3. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly water recycling, saving water and saving water.

4. Shown. It is easy to transport and install, and can be put into use in 2 hours.

5. Cleaning is quick and no personnel supervision, the fully automatic cleaning process is completed.

6. Can adapt to different sites, convenient conversion, recycling and reuse.

7 is shown. Steel, you can choose different types of equipment according to different environments.


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