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How much is the installation of a site washing machine at the construction site?
- 2018-11-23-

How much does it cost to install a site washing machine at the construction site? Nowadays, the role of the car washing machine is greatly promoted . The mud at the construction site is one of the sources of road dust. A pit-type turbine has been put into use on the construction site, which can fully flush truck floors, tires and dirt.

Recently, the media reported that a car on Renmin Road did not flush one, causing road surface pollution problems on the road. The government immediately followed the on-site tracking promotion. Now the site has completed the installation of its inlet flushing platform, adding washing equipment, such as high-pressure water guns, basic cleaning facilities for entrances and exits. It is perfect.

The car washing machine produced by the general manufacturer is not a single individual. It is only possible to set up a drainage ditch on the road before it can be used. It is very inconvenient to set up a drainage ditch on the road every turn. It is not convenient to use the pressure material. The overall improvement of the equipment is more than 10 centimeters, so that the water washed out of the vehicle flows directly to the sedimentation tank. It does not need to be used as a drainage ditch and can be used directly on the hardened road surface, which effectively reduces the cost of human and material resources.

Routine maintenance

Check the reservoir water level before daily use and check for floating debris in the pool. If a part of the nozzle is found, there is no water, and the water nozzle is clogged, it should be cleaned up in time.

Check the tight connections every week and find that the looseness should be tightened.

Turn on the power supply, such as the vehicle engineering washer, fail to sprinkle the water shadow sensor switch, please check for debris or check the power cord and signal loss. High-quality, high-standard, high-efficiency, high-service is a strategic goal, providing first-class products for most users.

1. Assist in the design of the service frame construction plan according to the actual needs of the customer;

2, the delivery is there, free to assist with installation and commissioning;

3, pre-sale, sales, service, if you have any questions, you can call our customer service

Car washing machine features:

1. The thickness of the chassis and steel pipe is 1 mm higher than the price of other factories, carrying 20 t.

2, galvanized steel pipe material, never rust, and other manufacturers cold galvanized or painted, easy to rust.

3. The pump is selected by Qingdao brand and other manufacturers.

4, automatic induction vehicle, the failure rate is 90% lower than the ordinary travel switch.

5, the use of domestic brands of electrical appliances, more assured.

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