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What type of coal washing machine belongs to?
- 2018-10-30-

The site car washing machine is designed to clean all kinds of engineering vehicles, completely solving the pollution of roads caused by construction vehicles.

This type of equipment has fast cleaning speed and easy installation. It is suitable for all kinds of landfills, construction sites, concrete plants, mines, coal mines, industrial manufacturing and other places.

The average cleaning can wash 60 to 80 vehicles per hour, recycling water, saving a lot of water resources. This series of washing turbines is suitable for relatively fixed places. It is not suitable to clean the surface of the machine with thick oil. When the oil is thick, other methods are needed to pre-clean the site washing machine.

The site washing machine is a vehicle washing machine designed to solve the road pollution caused by construction vehicles and trucks. The different manufacturers of washing machines have different names.


Divided into styles: pit-type car washing machine and mobile car washing machine;

According to the function, it is divided into: vehicle self-washing machine, roller washing machine , coal mine washing machine, etc.;

Divided into rows: mud washing turbine and non-drain washing turbine.

In this sense, the coal washing machine is a functional, pit-type car washing machine.

Car wash machine frame components:

1. Horizontal brush: The horizontal brush is a horizontally placed brush-driven brushing machine. The car washing machine is responsible for cleaning the front, rear, and top of the vehicle. The brush of the cross brush can be driven by the reducer to rotate in both directions.

2, the vertical brush: the vertical brush can then move the car to the washing machine on both sides of the vehicle. In order to clean the car washing machine at the corner, we should enable the site car washing machine to move perpendicular to the direction of the frame. At the same time, in order to control the contact force between the vertical brush and the vehicle, we can make the vertical brush swing in the running direction of the frame.

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