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How long is it better to change the water in the washing machine at the construction site?
- 2018-10-30-

Although we often say that the site washing machine is an environmentally friendly equipment and the water is recycled, it does not mean that there is no need to re-apply after adding water. It is necessary to know that after cleaning some of the construction vehicles, the water has become very turbid, if not Changing water, not only does not clean well, but also corrodes the chassis of the vehicle, which is a potential safety hazard and threat.

The design concept of the site washing machine is not for the body but for the tire and the chassis. When the vehicle is driven to the site washing turbine, the nozzle will face 4 tires. This cleaning effect is very good, but there are exceptions, such as Said that the water is too turbid, the angle is not accurate. The alignment angle can make the site washing machine easy to clean, and the effect is more obvious. This angle will be explained in detail when the site washing turbine and the site washing machine are installed . It is very easy to master the operation . In addition, the site washing machine is very easy to dirty because it is an engineering vehicle. Although it has been precipitated in the sedimentation tank, it is only a dirty thing. There is no way to change the clarity of the water, so we need to replace it regularly. In general, small washing machines and mobile washing machines are very suitable to change water every three days. However, if the project is relatively large and there are many vehicles, it is necessary to reduce the number of days to ensure the effect of flushing. The mud deposited in the sedimentation tank needs to be cleaned manually. Otherwise, the mud will also rush out in the sedimentation tank for a long time. The excessive mud will also affect the surrounding environment.

The latest site car washing machine uses a 360-degree high-pressure water nozzle to high-pressure flush the tire and chassis parts of the vehicle. The flushing effect is obvious and can quickly meet the road requirements of the engineering vehicle.

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