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Eight-axis car washing machine automatic cleaning features
- 2018-10-19-

The automatic washing machine and automatic washing machine of the construction vehicle are designed according to the requirements of the engineering vehicle department. The tires and chassis of various engineering vehicles are designed. The equipment uses multiple high-pressure water guns to wash the tires and chassis components, thus achieving the results of the wheel and the thorough cleaning of the chassis. It realizes the roads of various departments, the mechanical automatic induction washing machine, remote control and manual control. It can be used for automatic rinsing and bleaching when working. When working continuously, only a small amount of water is added, which can save a lot of water. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of incoming and outgoing vehicles in various construction sites, mines, cement plants, coal mines, power plants, landfills, and high-end communities. Thereby achieving excellent engineering without dust pollution. The device is easy to install and transport and can be used for a variety of on-site frequent transfer needs.

1. Water recycling: The washing machine washing and mixing station factory needs to install a washing machine with a load capacity of 200 tons. There is a special pool for the construction project water, which is designed as a clear water tank and a sedimentation tank to ensure the recycling of water. The device uses a 360-degree high-pressure water nozzle to flush the tires and chassis of the vehicle to meet the requirements of various departments. The equipment adopts mechanical induction, automatic control without manual, cleaning water recycling, a large amount of water conservation / the equipment can be disassembled, convenient transition, special stainless steel nozzle.

2, the electrical operating system is reliable and convenient: the car washing machine control system is divided into three types of mechanical induction automatic, remote control, manual control. The internal electrical appliances adopt advanced PLC microcomputer and high-quality electrical components and have reliable performance. Suitable for installation in the base, not suitable for places with serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

3. Rapid dehydration of the vehicle: Because the vehicle needs to be on the road immediately after washing through the washing machine, the vehicle after the flushing may bring the muddy water out of the construction site to cause pollution. To solve this problem, people have designed a set of rapid dehydration on the washing machine. The function is to make the vehicle after the flushing basically reach no water droplets and flowing water before going to the work site.

4, low cost, convenient transportation and installation: car washing machine is a split type, can be disassembled and installed in blocks, providing convenience for future transitions. High degree of automation, fast washing speed, easy installation, circulating water, sediment and automatic precipitation in one minute. Automatically eliminate sediment, automatic water supply, drainage, recyclable water, save costs, and automatically deposit sediment subsiding agent to meet the rapid installation and use of different sites and different states.

Eight-axis car washing machine features:

1. Circulating pool system, the water resource recovery rate reaches 90% ~ 95%, which greatly saves water resources.

2, 60 tons / hour of excess water flow can be used for rapid cleaning of various engineering vehicles

3, 126 multi-angle nozzle, omnidirectional no dead angle cleaning, thorough cleaning, with detachable nozzle, easy to drain mud.

4. Shown. Residents clean and spray on three sides can suppress dust in the air

5, the real "unattended", infrared induction cleaning, available 24 hours, no manual operation

6. The input of the circulating pool and the buffer drain makes the residue after washing easy to clean and avoid secondary pollution.

7, shown. It can carry 100 tons of engineering vehicles, with a solid structure and a mobile conveyor.

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