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Construction site car washing machine equipment has broad market prospects in Qingdao construction site
- 2018-11-15-

According to the research and development of relevant policies, it fully complies with the standards of urban management supervision. In the process of use, not only can manpower and quality be improved, but work progress and work efficiency can be improved. Therefore, there is no car washing machine on the construction site.

When the car wash machine is cleaned, because the site will generate dust, dust but not large, but a small haze of dust. As an engineering vehicle, if it is used for a long time, there will be dust in the body. The dust is very small, and there may be no problem in a short time, but it is not necessarily in the long run. Control dust pollution and become a major concern site. As an important pollution control vehicle washing machine for various transportation vehicles, the car washing machine has become an effective assistant for maintaining the urban environment. The requirements of the environmental protection department, strengthening the construction site management supervision, ensuring the normal construction site environment regulations, also carried out dust management initiatives. A series of measures were taken: the dust on the construction site was required to float in the sky, and no remnants were left in the car to carry out urban cleaning operations. More and more places, such as construction, mining, and coal yards, require the installation of website gaskets, otherwise they will be shut down and rectified until acceptance inspection.

With the continuous development of society, construction industry, mining, coal mining and landfills will continue to grow. The demand for car washing machines can also establish a broad market prospect for washing opportunities in the future for a long time.

Construction vehicles can move quickly, so all dust is not a problem. However, for the website car washing machine, it is generally not moved and then installed. Unless the converted project is completed, if it is not regularly cleaned, in the face of such fine dust, it will definitely cause problems in the long run, so we need regular car washing machine to clean up the construction. on site.

The above car washing machine needs to clean the dust regularly, dust is inevitable, but we can repair it to avoid the occurrence of faults, and maintenance can also extend the service life of the site car washing machine.

Compared with the manual cleaning method, the construction site washing machine has the following advantages:

1) Safe and reliable. The drum washing machine is completely operated by the computer according to the design control program, and can completely avoid the accident caused by personal manual operation.

2) Quick and efficient. Manually washing a car, it takes 10 minutes, it takes more than 20 minutes, and most computer washing machines take 5 minutes to wash a car, a large number of car beauty car wash, car wash can greatly improve work efficiency.

3) Water conservation costs. The water consumption of a computer washing machine for washing cars is 10 to 12 liters, which is 10 to 20 liters of water than manual washing. If the car wash 100 is calculated daily, the water saving is 1 ~ 2 tons / day, and the water saving is 300 ~ 700 tons. Computer washing machines can also use recycled wastewater treatment technology, which not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also saves a lot of water. In today's rising water, the cost can save a lot of water.

4) It can reduce the labor intensity of the car washer and help to maintain the car wash. At present, the vast majority of young people in their 20s are single-children. Because they give up the low-level, dirty working environment, and the labor intensity, they are the most unwilling to be car washes and even car wash workers. The computer washing machine can effectively reduce the labor intensity and easily maintain the car wash.

5) The high-end image of the computer washing machine to attract customers. Manual car wash is easy to cause dirty environment, poor master image, and a high-end image of the owner of the computer washing machine, which is conducive to attracting car wash owners, especially high-end car owners, to cultivate boutique sales and other projects.

Computer washing machines have some disadvantages compared to manual cleaning methods:

1) Not completely clean. Many car owners believe that cleaning outside corner locations (eg, hubs, logo gaps, etc.) and heavy duty, computer car washes as well as traditional manual cleaning thoroughly.

2) Do not save. After the washing machine computer washes the car, it sometimes takes 2~3 people to dry and clean the details after washing the car.

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