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Construction site site washing machine equipment manufacturing process
- 2018-10-19-

According to the current situation of the use of residual soil transport vehicles at the construction site, through the research on the car wash platform at the construction site, the results show that the flushing platform improves the cleaning quality of the construction vehicles, protects the surrounding municipal road environment, and saves water.

In recent years, building construction, municipal construction, blasting, material storage and transportation products, such as one of the main causes of dust pollution, exceeded the standard. In order to solve this problem, the US Environmental Protection Agency proposed to comprehensively promote the prevention and control of dust pollution as an important task. Requirements for construction and construction site monitoring, complete standardization construction dust reduction, especially for on-site transportation vehicles. A car wash platform and supporting drainage and mud discharge facilities are installed at the construction site. The transport vehicle can be driven out of the construction site after removing mud and cleaning. The site should ensure that the vehicle flushing platform is in good condition and in an effective state. Special management personnel should urge the driver to consciously do a car wash maintenance work to keep the appearance of the vehicle clean and tidy.

Situation analysis

1. At present, the construction unit has set up a car wash platform at the construction site, but most of the washing process is simple, that is, the vehicle stops at the gate of the construction road, the vehicle is manually washed with a water gun, and then the door is opened. Flushing sewage directly flows into the drainage ditch on both sides of the construction road and enters the sewage discharge system. At the peak of construction, the flushing water for earthwork and concrete transport vehicles is very large.

2. The flushing system is basically located at the gate. If the mud discharged from the vehicle is not discharged in time, the mud will accumulate on the road.

3. The effect of vehicle flushing depends mainly on the operator's flushing level, responsibility awareness and environment (climate, site, time). The quality of the rinse is difficult to guarantee.

4. Shown. Clean tap water is used as a sewage at a time, and water use efficiency is extremely low.

Based on the above analysis, the current on-site vehicle flushing system generally has the disadvantages of simple structure, large water consumption, secondary pollution of road surface, and extremely low water use efficiency. The quality of car wash is difficult to guarantee, and a large amount of dirt and debris on the car body pollute the road, directly affecting the air quality.

Construction site vehicle washing equipment system composition

The cleaning platform system at the construction site uses non-contact technology to carry out all-dimensional three-dimensional cleaning of the vehicle body to achieve non-contact cleaning on both sides of the chassis and the body. The system consists of a washing turbine chassis, a stern plate (shovel), left and right side nozzles (including nozzles), a control box, and a water pump.

Construction site site washing machine equipment manufacturing process

1. The thickness of the steel pipe of the chassis is increased by 1mm compared with the price of other manufacturers, and the bearing capacity is increased by 20T.

2. The grid plate is made of hot-dip galvanized material and will never rust. Other manufacturers use cold galvanizing or painting to easily rust.

3. The pump adopts Shanghai Yuehu brand, and other manufacturers use pumps from small factories such as Shenlong.

4 is shown. Equipped with advanced infrared electronic eye monitoring and automatic sensing vehicles, the failure rate is 90% lower than the normal travel switch.

5. All electrical cabinets are made of well-known domestic brands and are more secure.

Where the vehicle can be flushed with equipment on the construction site:

1. Especially suitable for all kinds of construction sites, mining workshops, cement plants;

2. Applicable to coal mines, power plants, landfills, high-end communities and other places;

3. Applicable to construction sites, waste disposal sites, quarries, cargo transfer yards and other places that cause pollution to roads.

Operating conditions:

1. Environmental conditions: suitable for basic installation, not suitable for places with fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion, and severe shaking.

2. Installation location: The washing machine main unit installation flatness deviation does not exceed 5mm

Uses: 3. Winter temperature is below 0 °C, winterization pool, avoid freezing

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