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Maintenance of on-site car wash pool for construction vehicle washing equipment
- 2018-10-19-

The on-site construction car wash pool is a special car wash platform specially used for cleaning all kinds of engineering vehicles. In addition to the correct operation, the corresponding maintenance work should be done. Next we will take you to the maintenance of the on-site site car wash pool.

1. Maintain the appearance of the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle of the on-site car wash platform will not rust and regularly remove rust. Only by ensuring good maintenance of the nozzle and setting good rules can the working quality and service life of the car wash platform be effectively extended.

2. The internal maintenance of the nozzle is equally important, but make sure that the outside of the nozzle does not rust. This requires us to do the dredging of the nozzles frequently and keep the inside of the equipment unblocked. Only in this way can the washing machine be cleaned more efficiently.

When selecting the on-site car wash platform, pay attention to the scale and strength of the equipment manufacturer, and pay attention to the transportation operation after purchasing the car wash equipment. Next, we will show you four key points in the transportation of the on-site car wash platform:

1. Check for missing parts when loading the vehicle;

2, car wash equipment in the transportation process, try to avoid bumping during transportation. If the road is rough, slow down the speed and avoid collision of parts in the equipment;

3. After arriving at the destination, open the truck door and pay attention to avoid collision;

4. Shown. The machine of the on-site car wash platform is installed and debugged by professional manufacturers. After the commissioning is completed, the car can be driven to the car wash platform for trial.

Construction vehicle cleaners are mainly used for cleaning various engineering vehicles on the construction site. It also makes the road cleaner and more beautiful when the construction vehicle flushing equipment begins to flush the construction vehicle. However, long-term use of cleaning equipment on construction sites is bound to cause various failures. At this point, we need to test the engineering vehicle washing machine and properly handle the specific problem. Next, we will learn the common detection methods for engineering vehicle washing machines:

1. Visual inspection of the inside of the machine using an endoscope;

2. Apply a penetrant to the surface of the washing machine;

3. Judging the location and extent of the problem of the vehicle washing machine through the magnetic powder trace;

4. Shown. Using a high frequency alternating current voltage detecting coil to induce eddy current changes;

5. Detecting and cleaning the equipment by using the radiation penetration capability;

6. The sensor is installed in the mechanical fault position, and the sound wave is detected by the expansion principle.

7, shown. It is judged whether the materials used for the size and shape of each component are reasonable by the direction and size of the external force of the engineering vehicle washing machine.

The on-site car wash platform is suitable for cleaning various engineering vehicles, with various cleaning angles and high cleanliness. But when we buy a car wash equipment, we find many friends, often encounter different prices. Why? Next, we will take you to understand the main factors affecting the price of the on-site car wash platform.

1, material

Most of the relatively inexpensive car wash equipment uses iron, which is prone to rust after a period of use and can cause malfunction in severe cases. Some of the higher-priced car wash equipment materials are not easy to rust, which is the main reason for the different prices of car washing machines.

2, function

Some on-site car wash platforms are fully automated with water circulation. When cleaning the garbage truck, it not only has a strong flushing strength, but also helps to save costs.

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