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Site washing machine to find a professional manufacturer to customize
- 2018-10-29-

Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide our clients with quality services.

Qingdao Longhuajie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is designed to clean all kinds of engineering vehicles. The products have won many national environmental protection technology awards and accumulated rich experience in the application technology of construction car washing machines. With leading technology and good after-sales service at home and abroad. It has received strong support from the local environmental protection bureaus, the Dregs Office and the Housing Construction Committee.

In October 2017, Qingdao Longhuajie Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and the first branch of Jiangsu Jingshen Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a custom contract for the car washing machine required for the closed-loop project of the calcium and alkali slag injection production system in the Chengdong mining area.

After professional site washing machine manufacturer technicians and workshop personnel on the site topographic survey, ambient temperature and humidity and the surrounding environment, repeated research and improvement, it took 15 working days to finally produce a custom car wash equipment in line with the calcium liquid and alkali residue mine. It was installed and commissioned in January 2018, and the operation and maintenance was qualified, which was recognized and praised by customers.

The device utilizes a multi-faceted automatic high-pressure water gun to perform high-pressure flushing on the tire and the vehicle chassis. The device is fully automatic, fast in cleaning, quick in installation, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Basic equipment parameters:

1. Distribution system rated voltage: AC380

2. Distribution system rated current: 20A

3. Distribution system rated power: 5.5KW

4. Use of vehicles and load capacity: all types of engineering vehicles below 100T

5. Flushing pressure: greater than 3.5kg/cm (variable frequency conversion*)

6. Flushing time: 1~99S (adjustable)

7. Flushing water consumption: less than 20L / vehicle

8. Startup mode: photoelectric / manual / remote

Equipment features: rapid dehydration of vehicles, segmented flushing, electronic control system.

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