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Pay attention to two points when painting the site washing machine
- 2018-10-19-

On- site construction car washing machine can be used to clean all kinds of engineering vehicles to solve road pollution problems. However, the car washing machine is used for a long time, and often wears out, such as paint that is wiped off by water and cars. At this time, we need to make up the paint of the car washing machine. Next, we will show you two points to pay attention to when painting the on-site car washing machine:

1. When painting the engine, all the water in the sink must be removed, the car wash table should be cleaned, the remaining paint scraped off, and sprayed with the machine.

2. Before painting the car wash machine on the construction site, please insert the shower head of the car wash machine to prevent the paint from entering the shower head of the machine, which will affect the cleaning effect.

Automatic washing machine automatic washing liquid selection

Choosing a standard high-efficiency and water-wax automatic car wash equipment to clean the liquid is not only the need for the owner to pay attention to more owner care, the owner must choose to wash the liquid, no sponge scrubbing during the car wash, with the help of fans with high-pressure water jets can be more Good to remove paint stains, not to let the sponge leave the paint scratches.

At present, the car wash solutions for fully automatic car wash equipment used in the domestic market are mostly alkaline car wash solutions, which can dilute the stains on car paints. However, the owner does not know that the car paint will be seriously damaged after a long period of strong alkali cleaning. Therefore, the car wash liquid must use neutral car wash liquid, and the car wash liquid contains wax components, which makes the paint on the car wash liquid beautiful and beautiful. The key to car wash liquid is still sure that if the warm car wash liquid can not be corrosive, if the car wash liquid alkali can make the car paint corroded, if the car paint is small crack, this small crack can form a damaged paint after encountering the car wash liquid. .

The car wash liquid of the fully automatic car wash equipment may be strange to the owner. Many car owners also think that the car wash liquid needs itself. Only the car wash shop knows that when the car needs to be cleaned, it only needs to go to some standard car wash shops. Many car owners think that the washing liquid is only to clean the car paint. In the car, the key is to use the sponge to scrub the paint to wash, so the car shampoo only needs a low price, but you don't understand that the low-priced car shampoo can not be effectively diluted. The stains on the paintwork also have a serious impact on the environment after washing.

At present, the car wash liquid on the market is not efficient, and it needs to be cleaned by sponge scrubbing and high pressure water jet cleaning to remove stains on the car paint. However, the owner does not know that this car wash method will scratch the paint.

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