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The characteristics of the special washing machine for steel mills and daily maintenance and maintenance?
- 2018-10-30-

Features of steel mill special car washing machine :

1, ready to use

The cold machine starts up and only takes 60 seconds to heat up; in standby mode, it can be used.

2, never scale

Using the hot working principle, the car washing machine will never be fouled, and the descaling troubles will be eliminated.

3, dry and wet flexible

It can switch freely from unsaturated steam to superheated steam, whatever you want.

4, overvoltage protection

The high sensitivity senses the air pressure, and when the air pressure reaches the specified pressure range, the car washing machine automatically stops working.

5, higher pressure

The design work pressure breaks through the traditional pressure limit and the washing car is more thorough.

6, standby pressure

Work gap, automatic sensing, entering holding pressure, power saving standby state.

7, save energy

Adopting patented technology, the thermal inertia is small, the energy saving of the switch machine is >90%, good heat preservation, and the working state saves heat loss by 10-20%.

8, efficient water saving

It has the commonality of all steam washing, saves a lot of water resources, has good cleaning effect, disinfects and disinfects, and reduces environmental pollution during car washing.

Daily maintenance of the special washing machine for steel mills:

1. When washing the car, strictly follow the operation instructions to prevent misuse and reduce unnecessary losses.

2. In the cold weather, take corresponding measures to prevent freezing according to the operation instructions of the car washing machine at the construction site. If the car washing machine is idle for a long time or in the winter night, the water in the water pipe should be emptied to prevent the water pipe from freezing.

3. Regularly clean the sludge in the sedimentation tank to avoid mixing into the clear water tank and causing the nozzle to block.

Daily maintenance of the special washing machine for steel mills:

1. Do a good job in cleaning and sanitizing the car washing machine on the surface of the equipment.

2. Turn off the power before performing any cleaning and maintenance.

3, often check the nozzles and nozzles for blockage, site washing machine to avoid affecting the cleaning effect.

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