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Site washing machine is widely used in Qingdao area
- 2018-11-15-

At present, Qingdao's environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, on the one hand, weak independent innovation capability, too little original technology innovation, technology integration innovation capability; on the other hand, the application of independent research and development technology is still not enough industrialization level and development speed can not meet the pollution The urgent need for control.

Washing turbine automatic operation and manual operation mode standby: 3p circuit breaker position of the site washing machine control box, work index, system startup into standby state. Flushing exercise: 3 km / h speed turbine chassis, slowly through the sensor to sense the vehicle after the start of the site, the workflow through the nozzle nozzle and chassis body on both sides of the body before and after, left, right, multi-faceted automatic flushing . Approximately 40 (0-60s adjustable) pump automatically stops and finishes cleaning.

1. The basic design adopts square steel and heavy tweezers. The gap is so small, the bearing effect is better and safer, the tweezers are mobile and easy to clean.

2, the vent design does not have a 360 degree dead angle

3, the equipment foundation and fence are flanged for easy installation and disassembly for easy transportation

4, the guardrail is the thread connection of the above three rows of water jet nozzles

5, support bearings or square steel tweezers

6, can completely solve the pollution of urban road construction vehicles, therefore, the government's support and encouragement.

7, easy to install, easy to operate. After that, a professional anti-rust treatment, durable.

8, has a unique shape, classic design, can achieve automatic mud, reduce labor costs.

9, can achieve water circulation, can save a lot of water.

The construction vehicle runs on the equipment, the built-in control system will automatically refresh, the car wash is clean and reaches the standard road, and the underside of the car washer is a reservoir for cleaning all the water stored below, then sprayed through the nozzle to complete the work. After flowing back to the following spray pool, the simple and effective method is to wash the turbine water recovery system. Of course, the return water can not be used directly, because the engineering vehicle generally has more impurities. If it is not treated in time, it will not only achieve road impact, but also The paint is damaged, so the circulating water must be filtered and the pool can continue to be used.

According to the research and development of relevant policies, it fully complies with the standards of urban management supervision. In the process of use, not only can manpower and quality be improved, but work progress and work efficiency can be improved. Therefore, there is no car washing machine on the construction site.

When the site washing machine is cleaned, because the site will produce dust, dust but not large, but a small haze of dust. As an engineering vehicle, if it is used for a long time, there will be dust in the body. The dust is very small, and there may be no problem in a short time, but it is not necessarily in the long run.

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