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Advantages of site washing turbine
- 2018-10-19-

The basic classification of industrial high pressure cleaners is as follows. Classified by pressure: can be divided into three categories: medium and low pressure, medium and high pressure and ultra high pressure. Classified by traffic: It can be divided into small traffic and large traffic. The application resource of industrial high-pressure cleaners is water, and water itself has many advantages. Compared with traditional cleaning technology, it has unique and irreplaceable advantages. Specific advantages include:

(1) Less wood and abundant resources. High-pressure water jet technology is mainly water, widely used in lakes, oceans and underground. At the same time, the amount of water used is very small. In the continuous uninterrupted situation, the water consumption is low, the power is small, and the water resources can be recycled. It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technology.

(2) High efficiency and good cleaning quality. The industrial high-pressure cleaner belongs to physical cleaning. There is no chemical reaction in the cleaning process. The pressure of the water jet is adjustable, which is several times faster than the traditional cleaning method.

(3) No pollution, no damage. The high-pressure water jet technology of the industrial high-pressure cleaner uses water as the working medium, which will not cause damage to the equipment itself and will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is a high-tech and currently has a lot of room for development.

(4) Wide application range and strong applicability. Water jet technology is widely used in various fields and regions due to its low cost, high efficiency, no pollution, and convenient pressure regulation.

The automatic cleaning engine is an automatic cleaning device that realizes automatic cleaning of various types of engineering vehicles, completely solving the road pollution problem caused by vehicles from urban construction sites. Applicable to construction sites, waste disposal sites, quarries, cargo transfer yards and other places that pollute roads. The vehicle is quickly dehydrated, because the washing machine needs to be on the road immediately after washing, so the vehicle may cause pollution after washing. In order to solve this problem, the mud design website has designed a set of quick dehydration function in the washing machine to make the vehicle after washing on the basic zero water drop website. Before, the phenomenon of running water. Reduce road surface pollution.

In order to reduce the failure rate of the fully automatic cleaning machine, reduce the maintenance cost, and ensure the good performance of the equipment, the following regulations are stipulated for the use management of the site washing turbine :

1. The equipment clerk has a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the structure, working principle and accessories of the equipment being kept.

2. The equipment administrator should regularly maintain the equipment in custody to ensure that the equipment is operating normally.

3. The equipment should be inspected immediately after the failure, and the small faults should be solved by themselves; if the major and complicated faults cannot be solved by themselves, they should be reported to the higher authorities; the power supply is turned off to notify the equipment to stop using and assist in maintenance.

4 is shown. Keep the equipment clean, the machine is well lubricated, the technical condition is good, no water, electricity leakage, timely sludge removal.

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