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Eight-axis car washing machine

Eight-axis car washing machine

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The eight-axis car washer can automatically clean the mud and drain the mud, and the car wash water can be recycled. When working continuously, only a small amount of water is needed to save a lot of water. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of incoming and outgoing vehicles in various construction sites, mines, cement plants, coal mines, power plants, landfills, and high-end communities. Thereby achieving excellent engineering without dust pollution. The device is easy to install and transport and can be used for a variety of on-site frequent transfer needs. The website is also known as a car wash turbine. According to the requirements of the municipal, highway, construction committee, committee, transportation and other departments for engineering vehicles, it is designed for all types of engineering vehicle tires and chassis, high pressure composite high pressure water washing tires and chassis for equipment. Parts that achieve the effects of thorough cleaning of the wheel and chassis.

If you look at the local large-scale construction car washing machine manufacturers , are you busy preparing for environmental protection facilities; you can read through the environmental protection content and try to figure out the strength of the wording; you think about it again, and you have paid for the title of National Civilized City. How hard is it, at this time, if you take a look at the existing washing wheel facility in your factory, you will get an answer as to whether it can meet the environmental requirements.

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