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Coal mine washing machine

Coal mine washing machine

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Now there are so many car washing machines in the market. Which one is more suitable for engineering use? Let's talk about the automatic coal mine washing machine , what are the advantages of the equipment:

1. Using intelligent control and water recycling to clean the vehicle single-axis tires and the side of the vehicle;

2. Applicable to moderately polluted construction sites, ports, steel plants, smelters and other industrial plants, such as vehicle tires and side cleaning of vehicles;

3. The cleaning cleanliness is over 80%, and the cleaning speed is less than 60S for 1 car (the cleaning time is adjustable);

4. Easy to install, suitable for short-term use and transition;

5. The water circulation system uses two pumps (a mud pump can be configured according to user requirements);

6. The system is equipped with automatic dosing device to add flocculant to accelerate sludge sedimentation and water recycling to ensure good cleaning effect;

7. Specially designed swirl nozzle, with high flushing intensity and strong centrifugal force, ensuring cleaning effect. Highly intelligent module design, dynamic operation instructions, can achieve "unmanned" fully automatic operation;

8. Fully automatic operation, high structural carrying capacity, special safety device design, ensuring high efficiency and reliability;

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