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Site washing turbine

Site washing turbine

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How to choose which automatic washing machine to buy?

Answer: Due to the sale of 100 tons of fully automatic construction site washing machine on the market, there are too many problems in the load-bearing process during the use of the equipment, as shown in Figure 1. Therefore, (the focus is on), is not comparable to the major scattered individual agent stores, your equipment purchase contract will be directly signed with our company. The automatic washing machine equipment used by our company is made of 80mm square tube. The square tube wall thickness is 6mm and the maximum load is 200 tons! 200 tons! 200 tons (three important things to say)! The maximum load-bearing capacity is better than the same type of site washing machine equipment on the market. More importantly, our company provides you with reliable and perfect after-sales and quality assurance.

The civil construction of the equipment foundation must be done before the automatic washing turbine is installed. Therefore, in the face of the difficulties brought about by civil construction in winter, you have to set aside sufficient construction time for civil works. We will ensure that the equipment you purchase will arrive at your factory during the civil construction period, and immediately after the completion of the civil construction period. Equipment installation and commissioning

During the warranty period and outside the warranty period, if there is a major accident in the equipment supplied, our company will receive a notice from the owner and will reply within 3 hours, and dispatch professional and technical personnel to the site within one day to handle the failure (holiday). except). Our company will perform our duties and obligations in accordance with the terms of the contract.

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