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Construction car washing machine

Construction car washing machine

Product Details

Fully automatic cleaning without manual operation.

2, the cleaning time is short, 50 seconds cleaning is completed.

3. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly water recycling, saving water.

4, the equipment is durable and long-lasting, can be converted at any time.

5, transportation and installation is simple, 2 hours can be put into use.

*Professional cleaning engineering transport vehicles

* Completely solve the pollution of urban vehicles by construction vehicles

*Unique shape, classic design

*Optional automatic mud removal

*Professional anti-rust treatment, durable

* recycling water, saving a lot of water

* Can adapt to different site sites, convenient transfer

* Water recycling,

*The washing machine flushing water has a special pool, designed as a clear water tank and a sedimentation tank to ensure the recycling of water.

How much does it cost to buy a construction car washing machine ? Is transportation convenient?

Most of the existing vehicle washing machines in the market use a steel structure: the washing machine and the foundation are made of steel. Such a washing machine has a great problem after long-term use, and since it is rusted in the water by the foundation all day, it is difficult to ensure safety for long-term use. Secondly, the construction car washing machine produced by our company has low cost, convenient transportation and installation, which reduces the shopping cost and greatly increases the safety and reliability of the car washing machine.

The washing machine is of split type and can be disassembled and installed in blocks, which provides convenience for future transitions.

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